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At The Dawg House Day care & Boarding, we are literally MAD about looking after your dogs.  

Licensed by Bolton Council with a 5* rating, we are fully insured to look after your dogs for day-care and boarding. 

We are open Monday - Friday 7am till 6pm so you can drop your dog with peace of mind they are having a fab day while you are at work or busy.

Dogs left at home all day can suffer from separation anxiety resulting in destructive behaviour.  Socialising with other dogs and humans can help alleviate these problems.

We offer a stimulating environment, with lots of toys, games and cuddles to ensure they have lots of fun, but also have a separate cosy room that dogs can take themselves of to for some peace and quiet and a little nap.

Each dog receives lots of care and attention and becomes part of our doggy family.

Check out our testimonials, for what our clients have to say.

Dogs must be at least 12 weeks old and had all their injections before attending daycare

The cost per day is £25 a dog

Please be aware your dog must have had their kennel cough vaccine in order to attend day-care. This is a separate vaccine from their annual boosters and jabs and may need to be requested as the vets don't always automatically offer it. Once they have had their vaccine they must wait 10 days before attending as it is a live vaccine. 


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