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Saturday Day Care 

We are now running a Saturday day care for dogs of all ages

Saturday daycare will now be open for dogs of all ages to come and burn off some energy and socialise with each other. 

Puppies will be kept in a separate area but will have chances to interact with the older dogs through out the day. This is perfect for them to learn how to socialise with dogs of all ages and will benefit them if you are interested in normal weekday day care. 

All pups are welcome from 12 weeks 

If you want a tired and well socialised pup get involved and book them in.

We will be open every other Saturday (2xper month) between 9am - 3pm

Cost £22

We offer a stimulating environment, with lots of toys, games and cuddles to ensure they have lots of fun, but also some quiet areas for when they want to rest.

Each dog receives lots of care and attention and will definitely come home tired are ready for a quiet night.

You will not need a trial session to just attend saturday day care.

Females must not attend day-care if they are in season and males must be neutered over the age of 1 

Please be aware your puppy must have had their kennel cough vaccine in order to attend day-care/Puppy days. This is a separate vaccine from all the normal annual ones and must be requested to the vet as it is not always offered. Once they have had the kennel cough vaccine, they must wait 10 days before attending as it is a live vaccine. 

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